The Place on Prespa 7 Street

A place for friends, meetings, new ideas, haircut or just a nice cup of specialty coffee. Lively and memorable as its owner Yordan Alexandrov it feels more like a home rather than a hair salon.

2-nd floor

or the Ladies floor. It was designed to offer both comfort and this cozy living room feeling, where you can sit and relax with a nice cup of tea or coffee and enjoy some quite time for yourself – read a book, work on your notebook, browse a nice magazine or just enjoy our vinyl records collection.

The Stairs

it’s the spine of the place and our regular dose of workout/fitness throughout the working day… our personal record is climbing it up and down 396 times for one single day. So if you book a late appointment don’t be so hard on us.

Ground floor

The barber’s chairs has a long history of hosting gentleman and boys dating back to 1974. This is the original chair Yordan had his first haircut done.

Minus one

Our love to chairs extends to the head massage and washing zone on the underground floor. This time we chose an old dentist chair. We renovated it and used our creative touch to add some heat to it.