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The Photographer’s Path – Evo Danchev

The Balkan Barber meets Adventure photographer, Evo Danchev and gives him a haircut in the most unbelievable location yet.

Rhodope Mountains, Bulgaria

Yordan Alexandrov | Evo Danchev

The Rhodope Mountains are the location of this Balkan Barber transformation and our guide calls this wild place home.

”Photographer Evo Danchev has dedicated his life to capturing the wondrous visuals of the natural world through his lens.

From chasing wild horses and birds of prey, to reconnecting with lost cultures; he has traveled the world taking pictures of sites most can not even dream of.

Today the two have arranged an exchange. Evo will take Yordan on a passage through the mountain and Yordan will take care of his overgrown hair and beard. This trip through the crisp air and untouched wilderness energises and calms the mind. According to Evo horse riding is on of the purest forms of communicating with nature and on horseback one’s perspective is different.

A crystallising moment of what a person would be if they committed themselves fully into living immersed in this nature is Mr. Ramadan. A shepherd who lives without electricity of water, he is capable of producing what he needs to live, despite his age and without the need of society.

Evo and Yordan begin their walk early. He is taking Yordan to a special place, an ancient place, a place where prayers have been given and been answered. The two share a moment in time as Yordan delivers a much needed change to his friend.