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The First Open Air Haircut

The first time we went to Bela Rechka in 2015.

We were together with Raina. She said: “I know Amanda, you will like her very much and it will be a perfect start for these stories about change. I have arranged to meet her tomorrow at noon in the square.”

Amanda showed up at 2 pm because she had too much fun the previous night. She is a very beautiful girl with super long hair. She said to me: “Do whatever you wish.” She trusted me like she had known me for a long time. Cutting her hair was a very nice experience. People were passing by, goats were passing by. Everything was wonderful.

I cut her hair in a very natural way – when you see her at first you wouldn’t tell that this girl had her hair cut because the hair didn’t look like it had something special to say. It wasn’t standing out.

Before, her hair was long and straight. Now it had more layers, more movement, and more softness – because the Germans need some. Sometimes I like making them sharper with their haircuts because they are sterner, with square faces, but I preferred to soften Amanda.

I did her hair in a way that she could maintain it herself – two moves with the hairdryer and the shape was perfect. When I was cutting her hair in the square I had no dryer. But her hair has tender waves because when you take some of the volume from where you should and you leave it where it’s needed, the hair get wavy naturally and easily.

Amanda’s favorite things in Bulgaria are the pink tomatoes. She is 25-26 years old. She is currently teaching math and philosophy in Germany. But she also has a project called LinguCards – the same proverbs in English, German and Bulgarian through which Amanda shows that we are actually very close. . With this project she is trying to bring people in Europe closer together, especially in Bulgaria and in Germany because her boyfriend is Bulgarian. She like shim, his way of thinking, his lifestyle, our history and the Bulgarian traditions. His name is Kalin, he is studying in London where they met.

Amanda is very positive. She is ready to give and she is a person with a special charge. She speaks Bulgarian very well and you can check for yourself at “Sofia disha”. She also challenges people to think. Because in her attempt to switch from Bulgarian to German and vice versa she gets plenty of ideas. The cards with the proverbs in German and Bulgarian have transcriptions of the pronunciation of the words in both languages. Playing with these cards is a lot of fun. It really connects people.

Here is how Amanda brings change to people – through the cards and the desire to connect them regardless of their differences because of the nationality.

She is a strong woman with her feet firmly on the ground. She is constantly thinking about some direction of development. She is not one of those girls who always think of entertainment and manicures. She is very much “here and now.” She helps people here and now. She is very charming and real. Real is the word. There is nothing false in her, in her needs and desires.

More about Amanda Fel’s project you can find here, as well as on Facebook.