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Leaving the comfort zone – Tosh

Tosh has traveled to nearly 100 countries and feels life begins when you leave your comfort zone.

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Berlin Germany

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Yordan Alexandrov | Tioshi

Tioshi and Yordan met in Berlin. Tosh, as he is known, is an interesting mixture. His father is Japanese, his mother Iranian, he was born in Tokyo and moved to Australia when he was two. After growing up in Australia he moved to France for an education in finance and law. For several years after his graduation, he worked as a lawyer in Australia but eventually decided that he wanted to do something else.

Tosh has traveled a lot – he’s visited nearly 100 countries. Some may see this as an insatiable restlessness but Tosh feels that life really does begin at the end of one’s comfort zone. In his words, he “was ready to try something completely different.”

Tosh’s move to Berlin was a sidestep from the life and salary he had grown accustomed to as a Sydney lawyer, but from his previous travels living on $5-6 per day, he knew that he had more to gain than to lose.

Tosh says that often he doesn’t know what he wants to do until he goes to the next place. For anyone that feels stuck in life, it’s an interesting concept. The fear of not having a “plan” and the fear of not having money has probably halted all of us at one point or another.

“The way to live is to have money, but live a modest life – I think it’s a nice way to live. At the end of the day you don’t really need money for a lot of the things that make one happy.”

Now telling stories makes Tosh happy. He presents this in a very open-ended way, clearly, it’s thought he is developing himself. He sees himself working in film at some point but doesn’t attempt to offer up a speculative roadmap. Refreshing. The end goal is to leave his mark in the world and a career is not what he means.

A family and artistic work that can be appreciated after he is gone – this is more what Tosh has on his mind.

Director Vitto Valentinov | Producer Yordan Alexandrov