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Feeding the Spirit with a Children’s Dentist

What things has this man been through…

Life has pushed him through a lot of difficulties and crushed him to the bottom. Then came the change… A man with different interest, he loves to read, passionated in cosmology, quantum mechanics, music, culture, art and especially spirituality. Meditation became, for him, an important and daily practice for calming the mind, the body and personal time for awareness, self-knowledge, for purifying the soul and spirit soaring. This man doesn’t judge at all and believes in people’s own path, different art of thinking and way of life. Working with children is what makes him meaning- also energy-full.He is a professional dental medical doctor.

One positive man with lot’s of life experience. Finding himself brought him peace inside. We met at Bela Rechka at the annual Goat Milk festival – a festival of memories and traditions.

This meeting was more like deep conversation but also a synchronization of what I see and am seeking for.

He ask me to keep the beard.

PLACE:Bela Rechka


Georgi’s outlook was too negligee, which I find inappropriate for a doctor. Later he told me his story: “This outlook is by purpose. It happens each and every year here, in Bela Rechka.” It was his runaway from vanity and social materialism; traveling back to the roots, to the Bulgarian village and connection with the nature. He ask me to keep the beard. I wanted that he to look pure, clear, intelligent and juvenile at the same time. Fresh looking, just like after awakening. “Clear” in this case, means the a classic haircut … because, when it’s too short, it goes more military, rough and gives other energy.

The beard I treated to be strict, but also kept the character I felt in this man – profound. Usually, long beard gives the sensation of stability. Long-bearded men look also more intelligent and experienced. Just like weаring pair of fancy glasses. That’s what I was looking for with Georgi.

Video and editing: Raina Teneva
Music: Garciellita / Smaug
Produced by Yordan Akeksandrov