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We are traveling down the road from Lozenec to Silistra. It is narrow. At a certain point we see a boy and a girl walking barefoot on the side of the road. Helen slows down gradually. “We’re taking these people.” And she stops.

: Lozenetz – Silistra – STOP: Kara Dere

Yordan alexandrov, Helen, Boriana and Ventzi

At the time when the event from the video takes place, Boriana is 22. She lives in Varna, but not so much – also a little bit in England. If you said it reversed, it would still be true. Together with her boyfriend, Venci, are currently in London where she is studying and working in garden design (and she makes sure she is having a good time), and he is doing something with computers. Before that she was at NATFIZ – which matters only if you are wondering why she is so good in front of the camera.

“Let me drive”, said Helen. We were touring our sea. “Go ahead”, I agreed. “Here is ok – the sea, the roads…” My car runs on both gasoline and gas, but Helen only drives with gasoline, never with gas. “How? Why the hell is there gas?” One thing is, the Germans are not used to such things, but also, the car doesn’t run much on gas.

“To Silistra”

They sat in the back. “Where are you going?” we asked. “Silistar.” they replied. “Same here. We can travel together then. This is Helen. We must speak English.” Fortunately, both of them spoke English very well. We talked and laughed so much. The whole trip went that way.

Boriana and Venci were going to sleep in a tent. We also wanted to spend the night that way. The afternoon turned out great – we played cards, we drank beer on the beach. We continued by the tents as well. We played music from the computer. We gathered whatever food we had and made a great dinner.

In the morning we went to the beach again. Boriana and Venci had to go back to Varna. We were traveling in that direction as well but they wanted to go at a different time. In the end, we waited for each other and we left the way we came – all together. On the way, we stopped, we ate lunch and we kept telling each other stories and laughing.

By now they all roughly knew my story so I asked Boriana if she would like me to cut her hair. She said, “Why not.”

As usual, I had brought with me only a pair of scissors and a comb. We decided to make the videos before Varna, at Kara dere. Time seems to have stopped there altogether. Boriana went totally nuts singing in the car Bulgarian nursery rhymes. Helen was singing with her in her broken Bulgarian. There was more laughter the whole time. The two of them were sitting in the back seat, I was driving and Venci sat next to me.

We reached Kara dere. It was all clear that we would improvise. We were shooting with two phones. Everything was so spontaneous, starting with the encounter, the conversations. “Boriana lives in London where she is studying garden design…” They matched well together with Helen; they knew the same places in London and liked the same music… We felt close to both of them.

Boriana : „Never stop dreaming“

Boriana created the impression of a person who simply enjoys life. And all of our memories related to her are from the seaside. It was total luck that the video with her worked out. It was the first time that I took hitchhikers in the car and we clicked. As if we had been friends. They didn’t have money, we gave them some and they paid it back. It was a wonderful moment from our vacation that summer. Maybe without them it wouldn’t have been so exciting.

After that, Boriana came to the salon to get her hair cut before she left for London.