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Appreciating Life – The Flying Dutchmen

If you ask Bob why he is in Bulgaria, he will answer with a few words: my girlfriend Vera, tomatoes and cucumbers, archeology and Strandzha. But he also might say: "Because of Bulgaria's vibe, that's why I am here."

Ahtopol | Malko Tarnovo | Mishkova niva (Strandzha)

Yordan Alexandrov | Bob | Vera | Rayna

Bob is the most positive man in the world.

Bob is a cook, he has lived in other countries, and he has traveled around the world. He knows what hunger is like and that is why he chose this profession. Also, because “the main ingredients in cooking are attention and love.” In Holland, he was a chef who had distinguished clients; he had a nice stable job, which made him feel secure. But Bob knows that life is short and that’s why he believes that it is much more valuable for you to live it well. In Bulgaria. Even though it might be poorer.

You say: "Bob, let's drink beer." And he says: "No, we'll drink two!"

He exudes kindness. You say: “Bob, let’s drink beer.” And he says: “No, we’ll drink two!” And he makes you smile immediately. He is childishly naive. He buys a Coca-Cola and removes the label because he doesn’t want to advertise it. He colors his shoes with special dyes – blue, green, red, with dots. He smokes weed – like any Dutchman. He is not a vegetarian, but he is very spiritual, very elevated and has overcome himself. He doesn’t want anything from people, he has achieved total happiness and he is always in harmony with himself. He is not tortured by ambitions to work and be great. He simply helps out.

I proposed to Raina to go. First we were in Ahtopol (where Vera and Bob were volunteering at the archeological digs for the summer), then we went to Malko Tarnovo where they were volunteering with the children at the “Cvetnica” center; they call them “our children”. That’s where a part of the video takes place – a part is in Ahtopol and it merges into the part from Malko Tarnovo. It is there, in one of the most mystical and spiritual places in the heart of Strandzha, Mishkova niva, in the center of the stone circle, a former temple for higher initiations and rituals related to the male energy, after we silently asked our souls for permission, that I “ritually” shaved Bob.

Why do I want to show Bob?

Because I want more people to meet him. We, Bulgarians, need to meet people who energize us, to see that not everything is so grey and sad. Despite the fact that Bob’s gaze is piercing and his eyes are so light blue that it’s scary. Actually, he is a totally different person. The other day he had an appointment for a shave. He came and brought me pastries: “Here, I know you haven’t eaten.” I don’t know how old he is exactly but I know that he is one of those people who give more than they receive. And he is like that with everything.

Video: Raina Teneva
Music: Graciellita / Smaug
Produced by Yordan Akeksandrov