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PLACE:Bela Rechka

PARTICIPANTS: Alexander, Yordan

Alexander Vachev has not been around the world but he has traveled a lot. He has been to Asia; he has been to South America, Africa. He speaks at least 2-3 languages. His parents have got means, as the saying goes. They did their best so he can become something big, to live in Sofia and so on.

Alexander became an agronomist. He loves being outdoors, among the storks and the frogs. He seems to have become disillusioned by people and currently resides with his girlfriend in a small village close to Plovdiv – Dobri dol. He has a farm where he grows vegetables and sells seeds. He says he’s a man who is selling vegetables and that’s how he makes a living.

He is an amazing person – energizing, intelligent, he doesn’t pay much attention to the looks, he rises above. He dreamt of having a bike with a basket with which to gather the seeds in the fields and to move around the village. Together with some friends we bought him one. Imagine the joy, the contentment!

For me, Alexander is an intellectual who chose living in the countryside. Not only because of the idea, but also, to make a living there. He grows many kinds of plants, which are very special and he sells the seeds in Europe and worldwide.

He is a rebel and he is a very smiley person who loves jokes. We met in Bela Rechka.

He was 31 years old then. If someone asks me now if I would choose going to London, if I had the money and the opportunity, or joining Vachev, I would choose Vachev. It’s really magical there.

He had a funny hairstyle. He wanted me to keep the long part on his back. I was wondering so much what to do. I tried to make him look like a football player as little as possible. I made him look proper because the intellectuals who love life in the countryside, they let themselves go. That’s why I trimmed and shaped his beard as well.

I did a very clean cut. But it was hard. I told him: “Man, this thing in the back… People make weird associations because of it…” And he goes: “I don’t have a problem.”