Balkan Barber… A story in the making

… I would like to think of Balkan Barber as a living and breathing organism that grows and evolves along with its members. On the table in the sitting room you can find anything from homemade cakes, Belgium chocolate, carrots, Japanese whiskey to pickles and rakia “nourished“ with the power of the essential oils you most probably have encountered with being a customer of mine. Loving it as it is and hating it for being so small to shelter all my new passions and discoveries our story reached for it’s natural extension.

… A story as it makes us smile while reminisce

Our small / coquette accelerator of enthusiasm, inspiration, ideas, concepts, and style have gathered under it’s 12 square meter roof an unique collection of people, items, vinyl records and lovely memories. Diverse and contrasting like me, the Balkan Barber salon grew into my second home. Here you are always welcome for a cup of coffee, tea or something stronger and find a “willing ear”

… A story with a future

Usually my favorite kind of stories – stories for dreamers. My next cause is to take all the goodness you my friends and customers have brought to the salon and share it with the rest of the world. The idea about Balkan Barber community started back in the days when I first open the salon, but it wasn’t until now …. ready to present it to you. In this community you will be able to find interesting and different people united by common values and goals – making the environment that surround us better, being able to live here and now, having a purpose and meaning in life, being true professionals or simply being proper humans … and last but not least I met them all in the salon. As the saying goes sharing is caring and I do care about everything good that surrounds me so enjoy and feel free to explore this amazing collection (assembly) of stories, one of a kind products, ideas and inspirations.

… to be continued

P.S. To full-fill a long standing dream of mine – launch my natural cosmetic line