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We believe the best thing we can offer you is time to learn about yourself through good conversation with our stylists and to help you re-discover your beauty that lets you be free.

And when we talk about freedom, we decided that we must be fully honest with you and give you the freedom to choose the products that best suit your world-views. You have a choice of Kevin Murphy products, the Italian brand Davines, and Doterra natural products. More information about them can be found here.



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Women: Essential

“You know yourself, you like yourself and you go free.” We create a harmonious natural line that is tailored to your hair type and allows for easy daily maintenance while emphasising your radiance and individual character.

duration: 60 min.

Creative Director, Yordan Alexandrov — 70.00 BGN
Leading stylist Teodor Marholev — 60.00 BGN

Women: New Vision

When the effect you are looking for cannot be achieved without hot styling tools, you want to “tame” the naturally tousled look of your hair or add a little variety or accent / structure to your everyday style. Together, we will turn your wishes into a finished look. We start by defining or changing the hair line, utilise the correct styling products and hot tools, and deliver a finish that will extend the life of your style and shape.

duration: 1 h 30 min.

Creative Director, Yordan Alexandrov — 90.00 BGN
Leading stylist Teodor Marholev — 75.00 BGN

Women: Blow dry

A blowout and a mandatory finish are one extra detail that gives a complete and tidy look to your hair. To ensure a the longevity of your style, give maximum care maximum for the health of your hair, as well as prevent damage, we work with a selection of high-end Kevin Murphy styling products.

Short Hair: 40 min

Creative Director, Yordan Alexandrov — 50.00 BGN
Leading stylist Teodor Marholev — 40.00 BGN

Mid-length hair: 60 min

Creative Director, Yordan Alexandrov — 60.00 BGN
Leading stylist Teodor Marholev — 50.00 BGN

Long Hair: 1 h 10 min

Creative Director, Yordan Alexandrov — 70.00 BGN
Leading stylist Teodor Marholev — 60.00 BGN

Women’s Up do’s

Of all the hair styles we can offer, we feel the best is the one that will make you forget about your hair and enjoy the event and the moments that are special to you. Hair styles go, memories stay.

Pre-style consultation — 25.00 BGN

duration: varies depending on style

Creative Director, Yordan Alexandrov — 120.00 BGN

Lead Stylist — 50.00 BGN

Balkan Barber Hot Towel

With every service we offer you can request a Balkan Barber aromatherapy hot towel ritual. We offer a selection of high quality, certified, essential oils from Doterra. The therapeutic properties of these oils combined with a relaxing hot towel can help you unwind from even the longest and most stressful day.

*PLEASE NOTE: Ladies wearing makeup should be aware that the hot towel is placed on the face and may require you to touch up your makeup after the session. (For your convenience, we provide micellar water and cotton pads in the salon)

durration 30 min. — 50.00 BGN


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Prescriptions by Yordan Alexandrov, are designed to match you with the perfect combination of products to achieve your dream hair. You will begin with a personal consultation, test your products with a complimentary wash & style, and perhaps enjoy a glass of wine.

• Hair analysis & personalised product selection
• Complimentary wash & blow dry
• Complimentary glass of wine

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