The Balkan Barber in The Laboratory [Sofia]

The Balkan Barber in The Laboratory [Sofia]



Balkan Barber

is a site about change. About that moment when everything turns and everyone finds their place; about that instant when the meandering stops, the pieces match together and the direction is full on and certain. But the moment of change is something abstract for me; the process was slow and consistent.

After the many stories by all kinds of people about their lives and mistakes came the realization that I influence them not only externally but I also help them feel better on the inside.

With that realization came the desire for more. I have always been primal and honest so I asked direct questions to my clients. The answers made me think more and more and it was always in the same direction – what is the most important thing in life. The questions emerged:

… who am I?
… what I am?
… why do I work this job?
… am I helping the world?
… what is the most important thing?
… when is the most important time how many types of time are there?
… Why do I hate, why do I love?

Do I Know Myself?

Balkan Barber is a personal project and the idea for it was born in the Bela Rechka village during the festival Goatmilk. Then, I, Jordan Alexandrov, found myself (and many kindred spirits) while living and thinking with hope and inspiration. That’s where the desire was born to film and show the personal story and change of the people that I meet on my way. Sо, Balkan Barber is everything that I am.