Balkan barber is

a small / coquette accelerator of enthusiasm, inspiration, ideas, concepts, and style. Diverse and contrasting like the founder himself, the Balkan Barber salon is a small central corner, where you can always go to enjoy a cup of specialty coffee (or something stronger) and find an interesting theme. Sometimes the themes and discussions define a problem that happily, always find a “willing ear,” and is often even resolved.



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Yordan Alexandrov

Creative Director | Founder

Yordan Alexandrov is the creative director behind – Balkan Barber. The concept is not simply to be a salon. It is a reflection of not only Yordan’s standard of quality hair cutting and service but his vision of the art of living, happiness, and sharing.

About the Balkan Barber ⟶



At Balkan Barber we think it’s possible to contribute to a better future simply by doing our work the right way. What is the “right way” to us? Seeking out products that are produced in sustainable and ethical ways and building relationships with these producers. Never compromising the health of clients (and our own) by using products containing toxic ingredients that also continue to pollute in wastewater. Reducing our waste by considering the packaging we bring into the salon. Most important we feel is passing on what we know to you, our client, so you can bring this knowledge into your own life.