Cookie policy

The online store and the application for recording hours owned and operated by BALKAN AND DE BARBER EOOD, UIC 204620043, uses the so-called Cookies. Cookies are used to ensure that the services we provide will be optimized according to the needs of our customers and visitors to and we will be able to ensure the proper functioning of the website. The use of cookies ensures the provision of the most relevant information and the best user experience, including off-site, in the form of personalized advertising. They help you get a personalized experience when using our services and provide you with more relevant content, as well as to analyze user behavior.

This Cookie Policy provides you with information on the collection and processing of cookies by for the purpose of providing, personalizing, evaluating, improving and protecting our services, and for managing them. The policy is in line with current European and national regulations, in particular Directive 2002/58 / EC on the right to privacy and electronic communications and the Electronic Communications Act. may store cookies on your computer or mobile device with your consent, and by using our website, you provide free, specific and informed guidance on your willingness to receive the services we provide and to process those related to this “cookies”.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that can be saved to your device / browser when you visit the website and temporarily store information about the user. The next time you visit the website, the browser will send back to the web servers the information in the cookies already created. Different cookies have different retention periods, which means that the next time you visit our website, the cookie may have already been deleted. Each browser has a separate storage space for cookies, so if you use more than one browser, cookies with the same purpose and on the same web server may be stored more than once.

Cookies and personal data

Cookies do not, in principle, personalize a person, but provide information about the browser and the device used. The information collected by cookies can only be used to perform specific functions on the website related to the user. The data is encrypted to prevent access by unauthorized persons and is not used in any way except for the purpose of providing the full functionality of the website and when using our services.
The technical information we collect on the basis of cookies does not constitute personal data within the meaning of the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on personal data protection), as it is not sufficiently individualistic. Its use is necessary for the operation of the website, to collect the necessary information, including required by law, to ensure the security of users of the website, as well as to improve the services we provide.

What cookies do we use on our website?

Depending on the shelf life of cookies on the user’s device, they are divided into session and permanent. Session cookies are temporarily stored on your device and deleted after the end of the session, ie. close the website. Persistent cookies are stored on the end device for the period specified for them or until they are deleted by the user. You can see below the details of the specific cookies we collect and their shelf life.

Apart from the division according to the shelf life, cookies are also of different types:

1. Mandatory cookies
The main functionalities of our site largely depend on the “cookies” set by us. Without these cookies, the operation of the website will be impossible. If you disable these cookies, you will not be able to log in to your account on our site, as well as place orders and other basic features of

2. Functional cookies
These cookies we need for functions such as:

  • To be able to remember what settings in your profile you have chosen, what favorite products you have specified, what delivery details you have chosen for your last order, etc.

  • Yes, we can recommend products that meet your preferences.

  • To collect and analyze the use of the site so that we can improve the user experience and use our site even more easily and conveniently.

3. Cookies from third countries for analytical purposes
These cookies help hand monitoring the traffic to our website, which helps us to analyze how convenient it is to use and to draw general conclusions based on the collected statistical information in order to improve the functioning of the website. For this purpose, we use the established and secure tools of Google Analytics (the policy of Google Analytics can be found here: These cookies do not give us no information about your personal data. Under the warranties provided by Google as a party to personal data, the information contained therein is anonymized. The purpose of these cookies is to be able to monitor the effectiveness of our service and improve them. The maximum period in which we keep the analytical data in Google Analytics is 38 months.

4. Third-party cookies for precision targeting and advertising purposes
These cookies contain information about how you have used our website and may be used to personalize advertising campaigns through the platforms of external sites and services. This way you see information that is relevant to you, including advertising. These cookies do not store personal data and the information is anonymized. Our website uses cookies, through which we can share information that you have visited our website and how you use it, with your partner social networks and external advertising platforms we use: Facebook ads, Google AdWords.

How you can disable cookies

Each user has the ability to control the use of cookies, to allow, delete and disable the collection of cookies in the future, through the settings of the browser you use. In different browsers, the tools that control the use of cookies are located in different places, most often they are in the menu “Options” / “Settings” / “Preferences”. Again, in the menu of the respective browser, which contains the settings for enabling, disabling and blocking cookies, you will also find the opportunity to delete the already saved cookies. You can also change the automatic management of cookies by default, or the deadlines for their storage, which are set, again through the settings of your browser.