Re-fill, Re-cycle, Re-use is ON
— Balkan Barber refill program.

You can bring your own bottle or take your new Reusable Balkan Barber Green Bottle and we will re-fill it with your favorite shampoo. For now the brands we offer are limited to Davines, Cincinion and Kevin Murphy but we hope to add some new “titles“ to the list very soon.

… Davines – an Italian cosmetic brand committed to take advantage of all natural herbs and ingredients and enhance their properties by mixing them into numerous series of products.
… Cincinion – a Bulgarian brand specialized in snail caviar products. Don’t worry not a single snail is harmed in the process. They are all happy and well fed.
… Kevin Murphy – an Australian cosmetic brand trying to save the ocean. Their products mix both natural ingredients and high quality silicones to give you that salon look some of you crave.

* just a brief “turnaround” to honor our Green Bottle and Borislava Karadjova, who gave it a face and brought it to live. It’s all about imagination and feeling good vibes even in a boring bathroom in Sofia 🙂



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Balkan Barber { Re-fill } – Davines

from €12.50

Презаредете от любимите си шампоани SOLU и NOUNOU на Davines в нашето Зелено шише.
*Цената на шишето се заплаща еднокрано и е 2.5EUR. Ако вече имате такова моля, посочете в полето Green Bottle и ни го върнете или донесете за рефил.